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Finanzas y Controlaría

Cash Flow

Gain more agility in cash management, by collecting and analyzing [...]

Financial Operations

Manage and automatically account for all operations involving [...]

Currency Update

Avoid errors, omissions, and delays in registering currency rates [...]

Current Account

Financial EDI

Much more agility and security in information exchange [...]

Bank Statement

Automate all processes, with even [...]

Bank Reconciliation

Match the data processed by financial institutions [...]

Accounts Receivable

Conta Corrente

Conta Corrente

Bank Slip Portal

Reduce operational costs, optimize processes, and eliminate rework [...]

Receivables Reconciliation

Accounting and financial reconciliation of operators such as Cielo, Rede, Getnet, Stone, Vero, Linx Pay, Adyen, and others.


Contas a receber

Contas a receber

Portal de boletos

Reduza custos operacionais, otimize processos e elimine o retrabalho [...]

Gestão orçamentária

Integre toda a empresa no processo de planejamento orçamentário [...]

Soluções escaláveis, permitindo a contratação individual ou de
todos os módulos em um único pacote.


Ensure compliance with legislation in a complete and automated manner [...]

Scalable solutions, allowing individual or all module contracts in a single package.